Gobi Masala (Cauliflower Curry)

Gobi masala is a fragrant cauliflower curry with Indian spices and a rich, spicy gravy. Make this gobi recipe for a healthy vegetarian meal.

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There are some incredibly delicious curries in the world, but Indian masala recipes are among the most popular. The Indian techniques of tempering spices and using masalas (pastes made by grinding spices) are what give incredible flavor to Indian curries like chickpea masala, chana masala and chicken panang.

Gobi masala

Cuisine: Indian / Asian

Gobi is the Indian word for cauliflower, and it may be one of the world’s most versatile veggies! You may be used to eating cauliflower as a side dish, but this simple Gobi recipe proves that cauliflower can be just as delicious in a main dish.

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Main dish

Stove top curry

Difficulty: Easy 🥄

Tender cauliflower curry seasoned with Indian spices in a rich masala gravy.

There are several versions of this vegetarian curry, some creamier than others and some much spicier.

When potatoes are added, the dish is known as gobi aloo, and with peas and cauliflower, it’s called gobi matar.

I prefer to leave the cauliflower in pieces rather than pureeing it all, but if you like creamier masalas, feel free to puree more of it.

Is gobi masala spicy?

My version of gobi masala is a tiny bit spicy, but in a pleasant, tingle-the-tongue way. On a 1-10 scale, I think the spiciness is a 6.

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Ingredient notes and substitutions

Spices in cauliflower curry

The cauliflower is quickly fried in ghee with seasonings of red chile powder, salt, and turmeric, for a beautiful golden color. The chile powder is adjustable, so use less for a milder flavor, and more if you want to really spice it up.

Spices in gobi masala gravy

The masala gravy has a lot of seasonings, but don’t let the ingredient list overwhelm you. If you need to omit a couple of spices, it shouldn’t affect the overall flavor too much.

However, to create the authentic flavor in the cauliflower curry, definitely don’t omit these spices:

  • garam masala– I make a homemade blend of authentic garam masala, but store bought is fine, too.
  • dried curry leaves – Click that affiliate link and you’ll see the brand of curry leaves I use and prefer.
  • coriander seeds
  • fresh garlic cloves– I also use a bit of ginger paste to compliment the garlic.

Other ingredients

  • Indian bay leaf – This is an optional ingredient, but if you’ve never tried it, I encourage you to look for them.
    Indian bay leaves are different from the leaves of the bay laurel plant. Known as Tej Patta, they have a slightly cinnamon, clove-like aroma as opposed to the herbal notes of traditional bay leaf.
  • Tomatoes – I use fresh plum tomatoes but honestly, even canned diced tomatoes would be fine. Just be sure to drain the juice before using them.

Kitchen Tip – Don’t toss the tomato juice!

Rather than letting the flavorful juice go to waste, consider using the tomato juice to make something else. Add it to a vegetable soup, meatballs, salsa, or eggplant stew. Or you could even add a few spices and turn it into a homemade virgin bloody mary.

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Tips for making gobi masala

  • Rinse the cauliflower – Giving the veggie a quick rinse will eliminate any dirt, but also provide a little moisture for the spice mixture to adhere to.
  • Monitor the heat – Frying spices extracts their essential oils, and it happens very quickly. Monitor the heat to prevent any of them from burning, especially the garlic. The bitter flavor of burnt garlic is not what you want in your gobi masala!
  • Use a blender or immersion blender – When it’s time to puree the masala gravy, an immersion blender will make the job much simpler. If you don’t have one, a regular blender will also work. Otherwise, use the back of a spoon to mash the ingredients.

Serving and storing leftovers

This healthy vegetarian curry is perfect over steamed white or brown rice. Use my recipe for Instant Pot basmati rice and let the pressure cooker do its job while you make the gobi masala!

If you have any leftover curry, keep it refrigerated in an airtight container and use it up within a week.

I haven’t tried freezing this masala, but I can’t think of a reason why it would be a problem. Just be sure to let it cool before transferring it to a freezer safe container or food storage bag. The night before you plan to serve it, transfer it to the refrigerator to thaw, then reheat in a saucepan over medium heat.

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overrhead: plate of gobi masala

Gobi Masala (Cauliflower Curry)

Gobi masala is a fragrant cauliflower curry with Indian spices and a rich, spicy gravy. Make this gobi recipe for a healthy vegetarian meal.
Servings: 4
Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 30 minutes
Total: 40 minutes


Pan Fry

Masala Gravy


  • cilantro leaves


  • Rinse the cauliflower in a colander and shake off excess water. Sprinkle with turmeric, red chili powder and salt, tossing to coat.
  • Melt the ghee in a wok over medium heat. Quickly fry the cauliflower for several minutes until golden and slightly browned. Remove and set aside.
  • Add ghee and quickly fry the bay leaf, coriander seeds and curry leaves for a minute. Add the onion, salt and saute over medium heat until translucent and cooked down, about 5-6 minutes. Add the garlic and ginger and cook another 2 minutes stirring often.
  • Add the tomatoes, garam masala, red chili powder and turmeric. Cook for 5 minutes on low, covered. Remove lid, remove and discard the bay leaf and mash with back of spoon or puree if you prefer using an immersion blender for a smoother masala sauce.
  • Add the pan fried cauliflower and 1/4 cup water. Toss to coat and cover. Cook another 10 minutes or until fork tender.
  • Serve garnished with cilantro leaves.


  1. Indian bay leaves are different from regular bay leaves from the bay laurel plant. Tej Patta have a slightly cinnamon, clove-like scent as opposed to the herbal scent.


Calories: 252kcal | Carbohydrates: 25g | Protein: 6g | Fat: 16g | Saturated Fat: 10g | Cholesterol: 38mg | Sodium: 1089mg | Potassium: 933mg | Fiber: 7g | Sugar: 12g | Vitamin A: 554IU | Vitamin C: 162mg | Calcium: 117mg | Iron: 3mg

The information shown is an estimate provided by an online nutrition calculator. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice.

Course: main dishes
Cuisine: Indian
Author: Kevin
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